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My Wellness Grove is brought to you by Tiffany Grove.  Tiffany was born with an artist’s soul and loves to express herself through her homemade jewelry creations, imagination-capturing art pieces, and unique, challenging yoga practices.  Born and raised in Maryland, Tiffany combines city sensibilities with down-home values to try to bring joy and wellness to people’s lives.
Tiffany desires to help people heal on a mental and physical level, striving to instill the belief within her clients that they are stronger than they know and can achieve whatever they set their mind to.  We customize fitness routines around our clients’ interests and goals, working to aid in their mental motivation and getting over their fears, overcoming whatever obstacles may be holding them back.
Simply put, Tiffany understands the relationship between the mind and body.
Tiffany has worked with cancer patients, paraplegics, developmentally disabled, adults, children, people with MS, as well as those seeking an alternative or supplement to their physical therapy.  She is a passionate, fun teacher with 16 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Customizing her practice to meet her student’s needs, Tiffany teaches a wide variety of practices, from meditative to hot vinyasa flow.

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