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Ladies In Lace - Boudoir & Beach Photoshoot

Ladies In Lace - Boudoir & Beach Photoshoot

Have you always wanted professional photos?

To look and to feel at your best?

To play dress up…to look at those photos and think WOW thats me?

Well we have an opportunity for you!!

Come meet some of our top professionals

Get all glammed up with your very own stylist, makeup artist, and hair dresser. Get your photos taken by two amazing photographers. Didn’t think it could get any better?? You will have the opportunity to be submitted as a featured model in top magazines. You also have the chance to be featured as a model during Miamis swim week.

each packages includes:

Professional makeup and hair



Edited photos

VIP gift bags

Wellness treatments

Entry into Fridays pool party

Entry into Miami Swim Week

Opportunity to be published in magazines Photos will be entered

VIP packages incluesd both the beach and Boudoir photo shoot. Glam package only includes one[0]=AZUKsTF96kchd0cSNSOEx26aGZYExEFahb260Aq5DTuc_ZFof6fK_fh3wip6sP0ARI8-uYcs-aqHbqkdEJeI-tgWNFBIxBHNzKdsDvBImD0jDK46ak191P1lKuRSFxePBMv6LvEP88RConOd9ylJdfB2gyLdtops5PT1okTH0cwIsZ9MLbOriJAOjX5XtCDSqOQ&__tn__=-UK-R

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